Why Everlast composite siding?

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is Everlast made of?

Everlast is made of a proprietary formula that is a combination of inorganic minerals/stone and rigid polymeric resins.  (over 60% stone, then mixed with resins)

Q:  Can Everlast be installed direct to grade?

Yes, because Everlast contains no materials that will absorb water, rot, or corrode, it can be installed direct to grade.

Q:  Will Everlast rot near roofs, decks, or driveways like other wood composites (fibercement)?

No.  Everlast contains zero wood additives which mean it cannot absorb moisture or rot.

Q:  What do you do at the butt joints?

Everlast is installed end-to-end like cedar clapboard and not overlapped like vinyl siding. Everlast is installed over a weather resistive barrier.  Like most building products, Everlast™ may expand and contract, but minimally.  The climate, moisture level, and substrate to which the siding is installed may also play a role in the amount of actual expansion/contraction.

Q: Can Everlast be painted?

Yes, because of its pure acrylic capstock it is very compatible with exterior acrylic latex paints.  The proper paint and primer information can be obtained if that is a route you wish to pursue.

Q:  What types of tools are needed to install Everlast?

Everlast is installed with carpentry methods in a similar fashion to cedar clapboard (except top nailed). The tools and skill set used for a cedar siding installation are recommended.  A standard circular saw with a fine tooth/plywood blade works well for cutting.  It can be hand nailed or systematically power nailed (gun nailed) much like wood or fiber cement with the proper psi and depth setting.

Q:  How many colors are available?

Everlast is available in 14 colors.

Q:  What sizes are available?

Everlast comes in a 7″ exposure and a 4.5″ exposure.  Exposure is the vertical measurement or height of clapboard or lap siding that can be seen after installed.

Q:  Does Everlast look like real wood?

Yes. Since the texture of Everlast is embossed from real cedar, most homeowners agree that Everlast has a very realistic wood grain.  The thickness and bevel angle of Everlast™ are consistent with cedar clapboard.

Q:  Is Everlast painted like wood-composite siding?

No. Everlast is not painted and is warranted to never require painting. Please see complete warranty for details.

Q:  What type of maintenance is required?

Just keep it clean if you want it to look great all the time.

Q:  What type of trim can be installed with Everlast?

Virtually any type of trim can be installed with Everlast Siding.

Q:  Does Everlast have to be caulked?

Everlast siding does not have to be caulked, but you may caulk if you desire. Many wood-composite siding products require caulking because if water were to get in the butt edge the siding would rot, but with Everlast, this does not happen.

Q:  How long are Everlast planks?

Everlast planks are 12 feet long, much like many horizontal clapboard siding.

Q:  Does Everlast create any harmful silica dust when cut?

No, Everlast does not create any harmful silica dust when cut like fiber cement siding products.

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