Top Ten Reasons To Choose Everlast Siding

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Remodeling Dreams Construction is very excited to offer the next generation of siding — Everlast Polymeric Cladding. Here are top ten reasons why we stand by this product as the future of siding!

  1. Nothing man-made looks and feels more like real wood than Everlast.  Rub your hand against the grain of our Cedartouch® natural wood-look embossing and you’ll want to check your hand for splinters!
  2. It’s called Everlast for a reason. Unsurpassed durability is achieved with a patent-pending polymeric formulation filled with tough inorganic minerals.  Everlast withstands wind, hail, rain, snow and literally anything nature or your family may throw its way!
  3. The color will stay as warm and fresh as the day it was first installed.  With our ColorHold® UV stable acrylic polymer technology and Lifetime Fade Protection Warranty, you can rest assured that the color you choose today will remain bright and true for years to come.
  4. You’ll never have to scrape, sand or paint again.  Everlast is virtually maintenance free.  All that’s required is routine cleaning with a garden hose to keep it looking brand new, like freshly painted wood.
  5. It’s safe.  There is no harmful dust created when Everlast is cut, and you’never need to use paints or stains, which can be harmful to the environment, in order to maintain its beauty
  6. It will accentuate any style home.  Our classic cladding panels can be trimmed out with matching Everlast trim, or you an create your own look using any variety of trim boards to give your home a special personal touch
  7. Whether you like bold, darker colors or soothing warm tones, Everlast comes in a broad color palette to suit you taste.
  8. Everlast is very lightweight-about 1/3 the weight of fiber cement siding, which puts less weight and strain on your walls.
  9. Everyone will love it – except termites, mold and carpenter ants! Everlast contains no wood fibers or any other material that will absorb moisture, encourage the growth of mold or entice vermin to attack your home.
  10. Your neighbors will be envious! They’ll notice the thick plank construction and know that you have discriminating taste and that you wouldn’t settle for anything less than the finest materials on your home.


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