How To Clean Your Gutters

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How long has it been since you inspected and actually cleaned your gutters? It is a seemingly daunting task and one that many home owners put off. Gutter cleaning twice a year (Fall and Spring) is important because clogged gutters overflow and can result in ice dams that may force water inside your home. Clogged gutters can also get very heavy and pull loose possibly causing the trim and siding to wear prematurely. Clogged gutters are also an open invitation for mosquitoes and other pests.

With the great weather we are having it is time to take an hour this week and get the job done. To clean gutters yourself make sure that you wear gloves and possibly a dust mask and goggles. Use a ladder and make sure it is well footed at all times. And make sure it hasn’t rained prior to the cleaning.
3 easy steps to cleaning gutters:

1. Start at a drain outlet and use a narrow garden shovel to scoop out loose debris. Work your way away from the drain outlet. Carry a bucket or garbage bag to put debris in.

2. Mount a high pressure nozzle to your water hose and begin to rinse out each gutter, working toward the drain outlet.

3. Check each drain pipe end to make sure the water is freely falling through. Use the shovel or other thin tool to help loosen any clogs in the ends of the pipe.

Gutter cleaning is necessary. If you would be more interested in hiring this job done, Post on the Remodeling Dreams Construction website and we would be happy to give you a great recommendation for a contractor in the area. This can also be a time to consider resolving this job FOREVER. Call us or email and ask about Gutter Guards. Once this product is applied, the annual cleaning job is over! Your safety time spent, peace of mind and avoidance of future issues, are well worth the investment.

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