Preparing The Exterior of Your Home For Winter: Windows and Siding

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The Council Bluffs/Omaha area enjoyed a wonderfully warm winter last year, but what we have in store for this winter has everyone guessing.  Now is the time to check your windows and siding on your home to make sure it is in good enough shape to keep the chills outdoors.


Checking Your Windows and Siding

  • Inspect  the siding and trim of your home for  cracks and any open areas or gaps around pipes that both cold air AND mice can enter through
  • Seal small cracks and gaps on the exterior with an paintable caulk.
  • Seal larger exterior gaps up to 1/2 inch wide with expanding foam.
  • Plug the largest exterior gaps with fiberglass insulation inside the hole and then fill with expanding foam.
  • Go inside your home and inspect all windows and doors for drafts. By using a tissue and hanging it from a wire hanger you can see if even the slightest draft is entering.
  • Make sure you lock the windows, this gives them a tight seal.
  • Use weather-stripping around doors and caulk windows to prevent drafts from entering the home.

If you find many drafts and problems with your windows and siding you may want to consider new energy efficient windows, doors or siding.  The investment will be well worth the money in energy savings and longevity of product.

Disclaimer:  When using any materials suggested, make sure you read the directions carefully and ensure that you are applying it correctly.

Post your pictures and questions to the Remodeling Dreams Construction Facebook Page. We will be happy to give you a free online and, if you choose on sight inspection and consultation.

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