Winterizing your Roof, Siding, Windows and Gutters in Southwest Iowa

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Even though the official day of fall is not until September 22nd 2012, the team at Remodeling Dreams Construction starts to get that fall feeling after the long weekend of Labor Day is over and the boats are put back into storage and the evening barbecues are cut short by darkness.

For this reason, we feel that September is the perfect month to start preparing your home for winter.  Doing a quick check and some fast and easy DIY fixes may save you major headaches in the spring. You may also find something only a contractor can fix. Early detection will give you time before the first snow fall to get the work done before it can get worse by harsh winter elements.

We specialize in roofing, windows, siding and gutters. The next couple of posts will focus on tips to help you get your home ready for the brutal winters Southwest Iowa can get.

Winterizing Your Roof

Common sense tells us to get on the roof to check for roof damage. We suggest you do not take this route because it can be very dangerous and also may cause more damage to your roof.

The best way to check your roof for problems and to prevent new ones is to use binoculars. A camera with a high power zoom could work as well. If you don’t have a high enough powered zoom on your camera,  take the photos to your computer  and zoom in on them to look for problems.

Top Things to Look For to  Winterize and Check on the Condition of your Roof.

  • Check roof for missing, broken, curling or loose shingles and consider replacing them. Loose nails are  also a sign to watch for.
  • Check flashing around chimneys, windows, vents, doors and skylights for dents or other imperfections. These are often the source of leaks.
  • Check peaks, valleys and other areas of your roof wear the structure is curved. These areas are commonly the first areas to get damaged.
  • Make sure gutters and down spouts are clean and clear of leaves. Wet leaves remaining in the gutters over winter add significant weight and volume to the gutter when frozen and increase the risk of damage
  • Don’t leave the gutters just yet.  Check for signs of asphalt granular in your gutter which could also mean that your shingles are brittle, bare or broken in areas.
  • Make sure that any tree branches close to touching the roof are removed
  • Check the lines of your roofs ridge and rafters by standing in the yard. The lines should be straight. Sagging could indicate major problems and may require a professional assessment.

If you find problems, we suggest that you call in a professional to safely inspect your roof and get a full analysis of the problem and possible solutions.

Did you find problems? Like us on Facebook and post a picture of the potential problem.  Our team will look at it for you and give our professional opinion on what kind of problem you are looking at.

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